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I'm Gonna Open Up To You Today...


Personal Trainers struggle with exactly the same things you do on a daily basis… FACT!

We love naughty food (if you have a PT that say’s they don’t they’re talking rubbish)…

We have days where we really don’t want to train…

We get anxious about what other people think of us…

These are all things you probably feel yourself, it’s so normal! I’ve never met anyone who only likes healthy food, who has loved every single training session they’ve ever done and who can honestly say they don’t care what other people think of them…

You need to realise that all of the above aren’t bad things, but there are ways you can control them so you don’t hit the ’self destruct’ button.

How Do I Control My Urge To Eat Naughty Food?


Quite simply eat it… But at the right times. Factor the foods you like into your diet, don’t stop yourself having all the things you like, because eventually you’re going to give up on this.

You like chocolate? Factor a chocolate bar into your calories every day… If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re in a defecit, you’ll still lose weight!

If you can’t do it daily, how about factoring these treats into your week… You like a glass of wine? On a Wednesday and Friday you’re going to have a glass of wine after work… Factor that into your calories, make sure you cut something out to allow this to keep you on track.

By doing this, not only are you still enjoying the things you like, but you’ll still get results if you control how you’re doing it.

How Do I Make Sure I Exercise Even When I Really Don’t Want To Go?


There are a few tips here I could give, but the quote I always use with my clients is this:

You never regret the workout you did…But you always regret the workout you didn’t do”

True?? Try and remember this on the days you really don’t want to go… If you exercise but you don’t get the most out of your session, you still did more than you would have done if you didn’t. It will also release the hormone endorphins, which is a feel good hormone so it’s only going to have a positive effect on your day.

My best ‘Top Tip’ though would be to treat your exercise like an appointment in your diary, book it in. Whether that’s a gym session, a run or a home workout, don’t allow anything to get in the way. Wo

rking on your health and fitness (both mentally and physically) is absolutely vital, treat it that way.

How Do I Stop Getting Anxious About What People Think?


This is a tough one, as everyone is different and deals with these kinds of issues in different ways. The best advise I can give you is the more confident you feel physically, the stronger you will feel mentally, the more things you do that make you feel happy, the more confident you’ll feel.

When you eat well, exercise and stay hydrated do you feel better? I know the answer to this is yes… So do more of it.

When you hang around with your best friends and family, you feel better right? (if the answer to this is no, you need to think about the circle you’re hanging with).

So, what I’m trying to get at in this blog is:

Everyone feels like this, even us trainers!

There are ways of controlling these feelings, you just have to work at it!


Just because you feel like any of the above on one day, doesn’t mean the next day can’t be better… Get up, reset and start again!

Have a great day guys!


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