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This one thing has changed my life…

In August last year, Torie and my life changed for the better, our beautiful little boy Oscar was born and it’s brought us nothing but joy and love ever since.

Our life is far greater with him in it, and if I’m honest, I have no idea what we did when he wasn’t here…


Our lives have always been busy, we run a business which require long hours, Torie now runs another business as well, we love socialising with friends and family and we like to exercise… A lot!

All of the above were made a lot harder when Oscar was born, not only did we have less time, but the lack of sleep and constant worry about keeping this little human safe (and alive) is pretty stressful.

All of the above took a hit… Our exercise was sparse, we spent less time on the business as we were tired, we stopped seeing friends and socialising as much, it was tough.


In January 2022, we decided to commit to a 75 Day Mental Toughness Program with 2 friends called 75 Hard… It has changed our lives.

Commiting to a program with a 4 month old baby whilst trying to run 2 businesses is pretty mental, I’m sure you’ll all agree with that. But, what other option did we have????

We weren’t exercising like we wanted to? That makes us down…

We weren’t eating like we wanted to? That makes us down…

We weren’t focusing on the business like we wanted to? That makes us down…

You catch my drift, we had no option if we wanted to better our life… Not only our life now though, Oscar’s life as well. If we feel like s**t, we aren’t going to be the best parent to him!

What is 75 Hard? This is a mental toughness challenge from a guy called Andy Frisella from America, you have to complete the following for 75 days, if you mess up on one thing… you start again:

· Follow a strict diet (no cheats, no alcohol)… We went pescatarian

· Drink 1 gallon of water a day

· Exercise x2 45min sessions a day (x1 must be outside)

· Read 10 pages of a non fictional book a day

· Take a progress picture every day

It was tough, some days we found ourselves doing an outdoor workout at 10:30pm after a day at work because we’d been too busy to do it in the day, but I cannot stress the benefits this program had on us both physically and mentally.

No I’m not telling you to sign up to this program, but what I’m telling you is… Having a plan and some accountability has changed our life!


We were going down a path we didn’t want to go down, it could have been a slippery slope. But, knowing we had to do certain tasks each day, and knowing that if we didn’t complete them we’d have to start again made us mentally tough enough to get them done.

If you’re someone who is struggling to keep track of their food, exercise or even their life in general, have a think about doing a plan or getting some accountability.

We have created a FREE 14 day accountability program for anyone wanting to make some small steps to a happier and healthier life. It is downloadable on our website go and check it out and make a start today.

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