This time last year I was 4 stone heavier, depressed, hated going out in public and ashamed of myself and completely stuck in a rut.

Then I came across Eley fitness and I can honestly say it changed everything for me. These guy are so much more then personal trainers. They actually care about you! Whatever situation you find yourself in these guys are happy to help and put a 110% effort into you, even when you feel like giving up these guy don't give up on you.

Eley fitness you have changed my life and I can't thank you all enough!! I've lost 4stone and now maintaining a health weight loss. I am more confident and happier then ever and love working out.

You are so much more then personal trainers, you're miracle workers, amazing, enthusiastic people and friends when ever I need one. Thank you!


I cannot thank Torie enough. Our 1-1 PT's have totally changed my body as well as my attitude towards fitness on the run up to my wedding. Throw in boot camps from Ed & Joe and its the perfect workout for me. Such hard work & dedication from all of the Eley team, always there with advice n knowledge if you want it, but most of all making exercise varied & fun is definitely the key! Thanks again guys.... and it's not over yet.

I signed up to the guinea pig 12 week programme 6 months post birth of my little man! I was feeling pretty rubbish, not shifting the baby weight, no motivation to do anything as I was just exhausted.

But I signed up and I've got to say it's the best thing I decided to do.

After my first three 1:1 PT sessions with Torie I felt literally dead. And I've even been known to fall out of the car at home but once I got my breathe back I felt amazing and totally motivated for the next exercise. I had 1 1:1 Pt session each week and exercised twice more throughout the week. Whether swimming, or power waking with the pushchair or a group class if I could get to one.

I found the 12 week programme very easy to follow, the 600calorie day tested me at first but once you get into it it's like a good detox day to be looking forward to. I really struggle to drink enough water throughout the day so I set this as one of my goals. I found setting goals to aim for got me more focused to reach where I want to be.

The healthy recipe ideas from Torie were great, something new to try out. Stopping me from getting bored of dieting.

The support given whenever I needed it from the Eley fitness team was fantastic. Always there to give you a positive push and spur you on when feeling a little bit flat.

I'm now on a good roll to losing the weight I want and I've gone down nearly 2 full dress sizes and not stopping just yet. Seeing the change in my body has given me the motivation to carry on a look more into fitness and nutrition which I'm very excited about.

Thanks Eley Fitness team


I started training with Torie at Eley Fitness in a bid to lose some weight and generally tone up. What I achieved at Eley Fitness was far more than this!

Completing cardio exercises, fat burning exercises and various bodyweight exercises my overall fitness and strength improved and I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own.

Each workout is tailored to you and no session is ever the same. I have learnt so much from Torie and she is willing to share her knowledge and answer any questions I come up with. As well as changing my attitude towards fitness she has also changed my attitude towards the foods I eat. She provides me with meal ideas and plans to help me get through the week. 

Torie is energetic, fun, friendly and committed and I can't recommend her enough! Not only have I found a great trainer I have also made a new friend.


Started with Ed 3 weeks ago and this man has changed my life and I can't thank him enough already!!!!

My training was terrible, diet was even worse... constantly feeling a lack of energy and by far the worst problem was the way I viewed my body image... it depressed me to be point I wouldn't go shopping or out to public places....

So 3 weeks in and I've weighed in this morning for a 7.5kg loss in weight, but more importantly for me, I'm writing this, having just got out the pool in my hotel in Cyprus, better things to be up to on holiday I know, but I felt I needed to thank him, because If it wasn't for him and the transformation he has helped me with, I would be sat under an umbrella with a vest on, trying to hide from the world, instead I'm enjoying the sun and feeling good about myself. Lifesaver xx


I've been going to Eley fitness now for over a year just starting off with 2 PT sessions per week and now doing classes as well which are great fun.

Recently i started doing a healthy eating and fitness plan with Torie, it was hard at first but with Tories help and encouragement i have never felt better. 

At Eley fitness they don't just get you fitter they support, motivate and inspire and give you the confidence to reach your goals. 

I would recommend eley fitness, Ed, Torie and the team, they are friendly, caring and extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated to what they do. 


It was June 2017 that I finally plucked up the courage to try to make a change! I had always been size 8-10 but I yo yo'd between the two!

I haven't ever been able to maintain a weight; but had never exercised for more than a few weeks, just dieted on its own.

I was born with knee trouble and have had extensive surgery over the years and this has always stopped me from continuous exercise due to it becoming inflamed and extremely painful.

I saw the Eley 4 week plan on Facebook and decided I'd go for it! I booked in and have followed the plan religiously ever since. As well as the eating plan I started to attend weekly PT sessions with Paddy as well as joining Bakewell Pool. With the support of Paddy and Jay at the Pool I have been pushed to work hard and not to give up! The exercise is tailored to strengthen my knee without causing any problems. As well as weekly PT I now attend Warrior with Paddy as well as Gym Circuits and SWET with Jay.

I'm now a size 4/6 and have never felt fitter! I certainly have the bug!...I have a way to go but love all the classes, everyone is so friendly and supportive. I'm even contemplating doing a local run next Summer. My school report once stated "Katy is very unfit;  although she does have a good sense of humour and puts it to good use!" I'm hoping a new report would be quite different!...Eeyyy Paddy?? 


Having decided that we both needed to do something about our ever increasing weight, Eley Fitness was recommended to us.

I will admit we were both very sceptical in the beginning, but after signing up, meeting Torie and having a diet plan worked out for us, we went away to start our new Healthy regime.

It has opened our eyes & made us realise exactly what we have been putting into our bodies  good & bad!!! It hasn't been hard to make the changes and to follow Tories guidance, neither of us can quite believe the difference it has made to our diet & our weight.

We've still got a way to go, but after our 1st weigh in & consultation with Torie we are both feel even more positive than we did before.

Many people think why pay someone to tell you what to eat, all we can say is the knowledge, support & guidance given by Eley Fitness (Torie) is so worth it, we could not have done this on our own & knowing someone is there to guide you through & encourage you makes all the difference.

Highly recommend Eley Fitness to  anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change. 


I didn’t really realise how much weight I was piling on n just kept the same bad eating habits.

Once I saw photos of myself it hit home how bad I’d got. I did the diet plan with my wife and if it wasn’t for her I couldn’t of done it. the diet plan was brilliant and we ate such tasty foods and once you got into it it was easy, the weight just fell of even with minimal exercise.

I’m over the moon with such amazing results in such a short time. I’m so much happier with my body, many thanks to Ed and the team at Eley Fitness.

I now have the knowledge to keep this up without any effort!




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