Your Questions Answered....

How Did You Feel Walking Into Eley Fitness For The First Time?

I'm Nervous About Stepping Foot In A Gym, Is The Gym Intimidating? 

We have worked hard to create an all inclusive environment for everyone who steps foot through our doors.  We are not your generic commercial Gym, full of machines and mirrors and intimidating characters.​

Do I Need A Certain Level Of Fitness To Join Eley Fitness? 

Absolutely not, we have all ranges of abilities and fitness levels for both personal training and classes. Our Trainers are there to help and guide everyone through the Sessions, whether you’re experienced or not.

Is There A Joining Fee/Contract? 

There is no joining or fixed contract when joining us, unless you join one of our Membership options.​

Are Your Trainers Like The Ones On The TV That Are Intimidating And Shout At You? 

Absolutely not, our Personal Trainers are approachable and here to guide you through your journey, we class ourselves as Coaches more than Trainers.​

If I Have Any Injuries, Are They Catered For?

If I Have An Injury, Can I Still Come And Train At The Studio?

Depending on your injury, of course you can, we work with clients that have injuries on a daily basis.  Our Personal Training Sessions are designed specifically to you, so will adapt around your injuries & with our Group Classes we will change exercises if needed.​

How Many Times A Week Do I Need To Train To Get Results? 

The answer to this question depends on a number of things, mainly 1. Time & 2. Budget….. The more you train, the better the results you will get, but that’s not saying training once a week won't benefit you.  We offer a free-of-charge Consultation with one of our Trainers that will come up with a Plan that works for you.

Absolutely NOT….. This is something we don’t believe in, who wants a life without the foods you enjoy and alcohol? What we do is show you ways of keeping your diet balanced, enabling you to get into good habits whilst still enjoying the things you like.

Are You Going To Stop Me Eating The Foods I Like and Drinking Alochol To Get Results? 

Will You Advise Me What I Should To Do Away From Our Sessions Together To Ensure The BEST Results? 

We will yes, we offer ongoing support for all our clients a number of ways.  We can do Home Training Plans, Nutritional Plans as well as offer any advice we feel you will need. We also have a Private Members Page that offer workouts and support for all our clients.

Do You Think Eley Fitness Is Value For Money?